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The CronoTech Discord Bot

CTDB (CronoTech Discord Bot) is a multi-purpose Discord bot that I've worked on for quite some time now. What does it do? Well, it does a bunch of stuff right now, the best way to figure out what it does is to try it out by adding it onto a testing server and see what it provides for yourself.

Who am I? My name is Andrew, I've been working on physical servers, systems, and specifically Linux systems as a SysAdmin for about 6 years. CTDB is a small project I started working on because MEE6 and YAGPDB (the 2 bots my Discord server used in the beginning) just didn't have all the features I wanted. I learned a lot of how to build bots by learning on my own and from my good friend Scott M. of Sem Development, a GTAV FiveM police resource. You can add the CTDB to your server from the link below, or go to https://bot.cronotech.us.

Add CTDB Now!

Feed Streaming

Reddit thread feed into a channel
YouTube feeds
Custom join messages, with optional DM join messages!

Auto Mod

There's a built-in extrememly configuarable automod. Each rule you set you can configure how many warnings/mutes/etc before certain actions happen.

Custom Commands

It's built in that you can set custom commands; whether from just a phrase or a specific command like !example and the bot will respond with your command response!

Self Assigned Roles

Create reaction menus to assign roles upon a specific reaction.
Add roles to users upon joining your server.
Give roles by using a command!

Our Services

CronoTech has been providing a multitude of services since our conception in 2017
Some of our most common are listed below.

Web Hosting

Hosting your HTML, WordPresss, Joomla, and other types of websites all while allowing you access to a control panel to manage your domain, should you have one, databases, and DNS entries. All hosting is done on our own personal equipment to provide the most optimal security and peace of mind. Some of our most common purchases' prices can be found in the Pricing section.

Website Development

Myself as well as others, who work with me from time to time, are all extremely skilled website developers. I, personally, am a certified web developer. I have been building websites using HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, and more; for the last few years. CronoTech provides affordable website development for any budget!

Virtual Servers

Blazing-fast VPS with VMware virtualization on dedicated SSD with full root access and API. All VPS's are hosted on CronoTech own physical servers. You'll receive a Personal Consultant with every Server package. Available during regular business hours, the Personal Consultant will act as your single point of contact and Server Expert. Learn more in the Discord or contact us.

GTAV Multiplayer Servers

NOT affiliated with Rockstar
For a reasonable cost we provide extreme hosting of GTAV multiplayer servers. Some of our most commmon hosting deal are located in the pricing section or in our Discord server.

Minecraft Hosting

We offer a wide variety of Minecraft server hosting from basic vanilla servers to Spigot to Forge. Some of our most commmon hosting deal are located in the pricing section or in our Discord server.

Other hosting

CronoTech offers a WIDE variety of game hosting. We can manage just about any game from Halo 2 to CS:GO. Some of our most commmon hosting deal are located in the pricing section. Contact us in our Discord server or our contact form.

About Us

CronoTech is owned by myself, Andrew.
CronoTech is a Sole Propriety ownership, learn more about how we got started below!

Our Company

CronoTech Timely Technology was founded in February 2017 when I realized I wanted to learn more about web development. I spent $8.88 at NameCheap to buy CronoTech.us (CronoTech is a mix of old latin and modern English meaning "Timely Tech aka Timely Technology).

I started out with a passion to learn more about servers, web development, and game development. After I got the basics down I started reaching out to small organizations in my area that help underprivileged children and offered to try to help these kids learn more about technology, and possibly develop skills of their own to help them stay out of the trouble kids in that area of town usually ended up in. I did this using my teaching skills that the Scouts of America (Formerly Boy Scouts of America) taught me: the EDGE method which stands for Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, and Enable. I did this for about a year.

After I felt I had learned an adequate amount about HTML, WordPress, and CSS; I created a Facebook page and invited all my friends to it to see what I had created (you can see this first attempt on the Way Back machine at here fair warning, it was ONLY a first attempt :) ). After this went public I had a few friends reach out to me to host their personal blogs, crafts businesses, and graphic designs; all of which I did strictly to learn more about hosting and servers. I've since learned how to manage all aspects of a server and hosting! Feel free to learn more by visiting the Discord server, linked below!

Business Stats

We try our best to be as transparent as we can be,
so below you'll find some of our publicly available stats!

Total Clients
Total Servers
GTAV FiveM Scripts Worked On
Current Hosted Games


We pride ourselves on having the most affordable hosting available.
Here you can see our starting prices for our most common products!
NOTE: All pricing is in USD.

  • Starting @ $7 per month
    Website Hosting
  • 3 DOMAINs
  • Starting at $2 per month
  • Starting at $10 per month
  • 4GB RAM
  • Windows or Linux


We thought you'd like to know what people say about us!
Below is some of the feedback we've received.

Amazing fast responses, managed to get our server within 2 days of being in the Discord server, loved the service, everyone was fast and kind, I cant wait to see the final touches of my server once its all up and running!
GTAV Customer
These guys are great! Got my Minecraft server up and running really fast and have provided the best customer service I've seen! Highly highly highly recommend!
Alex Swafinsky
Minecraft Forge Customer

Contact Us

PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to us for any issues or questions you have!
Please allow me ~48hrs max to get back to you. If you don't hear from me feel free to put another request in, put a ticket in at the SHOP or hit me up on Discord!

Contact Info

CronoTech Timely Technology
Louisville, Kentucky, USA 40299
P: (502) 235-6748

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