Worldwide Support

CronoTech is not just for the USA, even though that's where we're located, we have servers everywhere!

Let us know where you're located at and we'll let you know where the closest server to you is located at!


Safe & Secure

CronoTech as a whole is PCI compliant - this means that we will handle all transactions and data securely!


Cloud Hosting

Get in the cloud! This has been a big deal since the early 2010s, and CronoTech can help you get there! Whether it's cloud storage or just hosting, we'll take care of you!

CronoTech Development

Our Services

  • Police RP CAD/MDT Systems

    If you are a Police RP community, you're more than likely needing a phenomenial CAD system! CronoTech has homemade well designed CADs, you can find more information on the Discord

  • Shared Hosting

    Looking to get online but without the large time spent and the cost that comes with running a server? Then shared hosting is for you! We handle the details and server upkeep, you just do your thing!

  • Reseller Hosting

    Sometimes you want to be able to make some money off your hobbies, if this is you then apply for Reseller Hosting and if there's an opening we'll more than likely choose you!

  • Vps Hosting

    We all want to control our data. A VPS is for you if you want to: run your own server (any kind!) have control over updates, and more features!

  • Dedicated Hosting

    If you are a large business, or have a large amount of traffic, or you deal with sensative data; we can provide you your own dedicated server at a reletively low cost for your use.

  • Cloud Hosting

    Need your data to be stored off site somewhere? What about a database that you need kept separate from everything else? CronoTech provides you with optimal and 99% uptime Cloud Hosting!

The Company:

CronoTech: Timely Technology

CronoTech: Timely Technology, and our subcompany CronoTech Development, has been operating since February of 2017. In the beginning, we were strictly a WordPress website host for local authors and graphic designers; since then we have expanded to now hosting:

  • Game servers (like GTAV and Minecraft!)
  • Websites (using HTML, WordPress, and more!
  • And entire cloud servers for small businesses!






GTAV Servers


Minecraft Servers